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Fine Dining with the Highest Quality Ingredients for the best in Pizza & Pasta!

Our sauce is made with local tomatoes, salt and oregano.
We shred cheese ourselves to get that perfect melt.

You’re obviously a pizza fanatic like us.

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If you’re ready for family dinner, having a meeting, working late at night or just need an extra push.
Let us know and we will be there
Made with Love

We Make the Best

Pizza in Hutch!

The Story of Tutors Pizza:

Tutors pizza is your community pizza place where you’re not a customer but you are family

Tutors is our name because we give back to kids in our area so they can have access to free tutoring for educational needs from kindergarten through 12th!

Our pasta and subs are also famous around the country with awards and great reviews to prove it.

We focus on three things at tutors GREAT Service, GREAT Food & GREAT Relationships!

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